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Show Success

This page is dedicated to my cats and their show progress. As time goes by and my cats are entered into more shows I hope to use this page to monitor the cats progress.

Lancashire Cat Club

View Judges Comments 13-03-2010
62nd All Breed Championship Show. Held under GCCF Rules
Show Class Entered In Show Class Result
Snow Spotted Bengals BEST OF BREED
Snow Spotted Bengal Female Adult First Open
AV Foreign Radius Adult Third Misc
AC Foreign Adult Third Misc
AV Foreign Adult Female Four Misc
AV Foreign Limit Adult Six Misc

North West Cat Club

View Judges Comments 26-09-2009
First show
Show Class Entered In Show Class Result
Bengal Snow Spotted Kitten Female First Open
AV Foreign Maiden Kitten Second Misc
AV Foreign Novice Kitten Third Misc
AV Foreign Radius Kitten First Misc

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