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Pet Contract

Pet Contract
Date Of Birth:  
Seller: George Mitchell
  Purchaser agrees to the following
  1. Under no circumstances will this cat / kitten or its prodigy be resold, leased, given away, rehomed or sold to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.
  2. This kitten is available as a quality Bengal pet. He/she will be neutered before leaving for their new homes. He/she is not for breeding. The pink GCCF or TICA transfer slip will be provided in the kitten pack.
  3. The purchaser promises that the kitten will be kept in appropriate conditions for his/hers health and welfare and will be fed a suitable diet for his/her age and condition. Will receive regular booster vaccinations from a veterinary surgeon and will receive all necessary veterinary care to maintain his/her good health. No kittens / cats will ever be de-clawed.
  4. No cash refunds will be given for any reason.
  5. If for any reason you need to re-home a kitten, whilst we may not have room to take the kitten back, we will try to help by passing on enquiries and will always advertise the kitten for re-homing on our website for you.
  6. PearlDustBengals cannot be responsible for any vet's bills.

Health Guarantee
Our kittens/cats come to you with their up to date immunizations for flu and enteritis, they have all been wormed regularly we guarantee them to be in good health at the time of sale. This good health guarantee is for 72 hours from leaving, and is valid providing the kitten has not had contact with other cats. The validity is also reliant on, he/she being vet checked within 72hours of purchase, and the vet agreeing the kitten is not in good health. If the kitten/cat should die due to congenital defect (may not be apparent in early life) within the first six months it will be replaced with a kitten of comparable quality, at the breeders discretion, and value when available (pending veterans proof). WithyGrove Veterinary Practice has examined our kittens at least twice. Purchaser agrees to provide their Bengal with a good quality life and lots of love.
Seller George Mitchell
  Telephone: 07818453397