Judges Comments

Merseyside CC - Bella & Bobby

BROWN SPOTTED BENGAL ADULT MALE 1 ST, CC & BOB MITCHELLS SUNSHIMMER BOBBY DAZZLER BEN n 24 (13.5.16) Very shy frightened boy, but he was ok to handle, at just over 12 months he was quite mature, long body, medium legs, strong with large round paws. Broad wedge shape to his head, ears medium with rounded tips, nearly round eyes of an attractive greenish shade, nose has a slight concave curve, firm chin, his muzzle still a little pinched. Well marked coat, scarab over head, spectacles round his eyes, whisker spots, body showing, spots and rosettes the ground a warm rufus, markings, dark brown, rings to limbs and medium slightly tapered tail an attractive lad who just need to gain a bit more confidence.

BROWN SPOTTED BENGAL ADULT FEMALE 1 st & CC MITCHELLS PEARLDUST BELLA ABLAZE BEN n 24 (12.5.16) Adolescent youngster of 12 months, long in body, medium length to limbs, rounded paws. Her head a nice wedge shape, ears set well just a tad high at present, lovely large greenish hazel eyes, nose broad with a slight curve, firm chin, muzzle widening out. Nice gloss to coat, good head markings, scarab, whisker spots and spectacles, rings and spots to limbs, broken back lines, tail ringed, medium length and slightly tapered, warm ground colour, the markings a soft brown promising young lass.